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He saw me once and was Ok. Then he calls back a week later and wants his money back and said I cheated him because I was too old and he was going to cause all kinds of trouble if I did not return his money.The problem is I am 45 and he said he thought he was seeing a 20 year old. I told him that he should read the age on the ad before booking and that he stayed the full 90 minutes and enjoyed his self anyway. He continued to call several days in a row and threaten to destroy my car and such. One day I had a friend/ client who pretended to be the police on the phone and scared him to death. He finally stopped calling for a week. Then one day I left my car parked on the street and he keyed the paint job something terrible. Cant prove he did it. But no one else I know had the opportunity.
emeryville ca. USA
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