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Never drive over an hr for an appointment that cannot make a deposit for!! Some of these reviews are very strange!! Who would put themselves in harm's way? You need to do your research on every call. Dont be so desperate and cheap. You leave yourself to be raped or robbed. Pimp crap has to go! Get a provider reference from the clients. Stay away from hotels as it leaves you open for clients of scamming & no shows & they think you have pimps in room which some of you do. No client wants to see that! Be more upscale and only accept upscale clean guys and just not anyone. Make sure they speak ur language!!! Next thing you know they will show up and say they dont have all the money!! That's when u tell them to leave!! Not do it with 50 bucks!! Escorts needs to get their crap together and stay off drugs!! If u cant afford a home to work out of than u will always find the problems at a motel or hotel. And then the upscale escorts hears the story where u have the clients robbed too. And your name will make it to here or erotic monkey.
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