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No Show on 2 occasions & lack of funds when he does show up. Placed him on verifyhim.com as well. Very pushy. I refuse him to come back to see any of my girls as he never has the amount that is listed on ad!! Ever and always promised to bring it the next time. Very cheap and wants 60.00 an hr. When in fact its 300 an hr.. numerous occasions of dates of incidents 05/11/2019 then 08/13/2019 of lack of funds so now on funds are counted in envelope prior to appointment if he wants to come back its half deposit now!! No show dates are 03/24/2019, 05/03/2019, 04/12/2019, 08/10/2019 & 10/02/2019.. if he wants to come to our establishment he will now have to pay a deposit. We were unaware that he also goes by steven silver's but real name is David Corbin. He has a high risk off escort review site verify him
Winston Salem
David Corbin
(434) 242-7407