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Started out saying he had wanted to see me right away. I asked him to please give me a bit of time, also I do not typically do a last minute appt. He was talking very quickly and I asked him if he could please relax and slow down. We planned for an hour from then and proceeded to get ready. He then stated he had to run to Santa Rosa Beach and would be about an hour and half. Then texted he was going to run out of time and had to cancel. He said he was local, but then turned out he was from New Jersey. Also kept trying to get me to pin down Exactly where I was located. As always I told him to give me a call when he was on the way. The fact that he was asking and referring to this area like it was a city not the small town it is, made me think it was odd and that perhaps he was not even in town. From that behavior sounded like he was just trying to find out my address, which I did not give up. Also, don't believe he was 52.
Destin FL