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Contacted via email to request a meeting during his stay with family in town coming up on July 5-17. Spoke via phone and also numerous emails saying he would call as soon as in town. Did Not. Finally emailed and asked for a meeting on July 10. Again, NUMEROUS emails back and forth about time preference, etc. ad nauseum. Cancelled evening plans I'd had for Friday evening, as I usually do not see first time new friends after 5. Checked email on Friday morning, cancellation. No reason. After previously saying he was free Friday through all of the weekend. No reason. And refused a voice call to discuss, giving lame excuse that he does not call published numbers. This after several previous conversations prior to his flying down here and two after he was in town. Also, he has done this before, last year after lengthy planning and no show. Lots of lead up to disappear or cancel... Definitely a Game Player. He describes himself as "mid 50's, VERY good looking and handsome (give me a break), with a mischevious smile. I swear he said that about himself. Narcissistic much? Claims to be in IT. Don't let him waste your time. Oh, and he said "Maybe" some time next week. And that he would compensate in advance. Which is BS because I don't offer an alternative method that would facilitate that. Put him in your "Don't Wasted MY Time" column!
Destin FL
Jon Rhodes