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Even though my posted listing states that I do NOT make appointments via Text, but Voice Call Only, this person kept Texting me Incessantly AND sending photos of himself, which I also do not want. He finally made a Last Minute appointment on June 13, after TWO Days of texting. He came over, declined a beverage, asked to take a shower, which he did. I had already said he could place the "gift" on my desk. But he didn't at that time. I requested again, which I should Not have had to Do, and he went to get his donation from his pocket. Then with the $ in his hand he said he needed to run out to his vehicle for more. He handed me about one fourth of the requested $ as he went out putting on his shorts. Then he just left! And would not answer his phone when I called to ask him what the hell? I kind of think that he was going to either try to get away with Not paying at all like he was going to give it later, or if he was going to try to short me on the $. Either way, pretty juvenile and rude!
Destin FL
Maurio Lopez