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Had seen this person once before about a week before. Called and said he was coming through Destin on the way to Pensacola from Panama City. Since I had seen him previously told him I would see him. He said he'd be here in about 30 minutes, and that he did not have a lot of time. I reminded him I do not do a quick rate and if he wanted to still come it would be the same rate. He said he was fine with that. He claims to be in his 40;s, but I would guess he's more like mid 30's, if that. Very tall, very athletic. Did not want to sit or chat, just get right to it. He was quite rough and actually hurt, which I asked him to lighten up, said ok, then went right back to being rough until he finished. After, when I checked the donation as he was getting dressed, I noticed it was a Benjamin short, which I brought to his attention, and he said it was in his truck. Of course I followed him out to his truck very determinedly which I think shocked him and had him hand it over. Again I think he's much younger than he says. I'm glad I was able to intimidate the hell out of him and make him make it right. Also, afterwards,, I was very sore and uncomfortable to the point of even having a blood discharge. Do NOT waste your time with this brat.