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This guy called and asked for a 4:00 appt, was prompt, courteous, appt went fine. But, he had placed the donation on my desk which I neglected to count beforehand. It was a stack of bills which looked like a likely amount, of which I could see $20's on top. But the rest was $1's! He said he thought he had the amount. Big lie. Then claimed we never spoke about an amount, Huge Lie. I always make certain there is NO confusion on that. He said he was sorry and was going to get the rest, ATM right around corner. Never returned of course. He also drives a white van with Gulf Coast Air Conditioning on the side, in Bluewater Bay area of Niceville. Called and a girl said he was "out in the field", would not connect me. Very Rude. Do NOT SEE.
Destin FL
Mike Mitchell