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This person called me on Monday morning, July 22, to say he was going to be staying at the Sandestin Hilton. Also said he had seen me before about a year ago. I was driving so I waited to get home to check his number etc. I did Not find him in my call history or anywhere and the background number check had a different name. Regardless, he texted that afternoon to ask for 9 a.m. the next morning and said he would call or text to confirm or cancel by 8 a.m. Long story short.....Never heard from him. Not until around 11:30. Said he was sitting on the beach. So at that point I felt like he was playing games all along. Quite rude. His attitude had become quite the opposite of the previous day when he was asking to see me for 9:00. I simply informed him I would have appreciated at least a text canceling the appt to let me know. Then he was rude saying he would reach out to me when he was good and ready. And that it was supposed to be relaxing for him! Honestly? Seriously? I know that I've heard that the birmingham men like to low ball on rates, etc because the majority of the market up there is just looking for fast and cheap, quite disgusting.
Sandestin, from Birmingham AL