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From TER he has an outdated white list. Saw him once was great. Second time he canceled same day, I let him reschedule as it was 800 apt and he said he wasn’t sure it would be around 4-5pm. I went with it and he ends up coming to my location and wing for like an hour as he claims he’s in a hurry. Has to leave . But keeps talking . A week later he gives a two reading on my TER personal information discussed with him about my life and then claims that I sat on the toilet and watched him shower. No appointment never happened of course but I contacted him and said he needed to take it down before I reported him to the moderators because he contradicts himself in the entire review. I’m surprised that even got through the moderators to be posted at all week later after he tells me he’ll take it down all of a sudden all of my reviews are they’re just gone all of my reviews for the past five years are gone.
Harold York (real name )