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He called me Last yr Nov 2018 just a 1st fake name 36 yrs old and very low key voice like hes 22 ,I sent him to hotel I wasn't at ,watched him pull in a blue pick up truck ,prior to that I told him I was picking up dinner wont be back for an hr please call me 10 mints before you arrive ,Instead he called me like 15 times ,left a lot of messages on my voice mail ,then he asked me to wear something a street walker would wear like a short skirt thigh highs heels when I open the door ,He proceeded to look everywhere for me ,but couldn't find me at that hotel ,when 2 Stowe police Suv's pulled up to the hotel I wasn't staying at with a papers in their hands I knew hes either LE, home land security ,Informant whos a RAT or ,FBI Havent heard from the guy in a yr then he calls me today telling me hes not a cop ( ,I looked him up someone else said hes working with LE or hes A RAT or a COP oink oink .Stay far away because all he will do is contact you with hes different names he uses ,and he lies to other well known providers too .p.s. The number he is using is actually from a mature hobbyist who obvious got busted .Always listen to your inner self ,TOO GREEDY ,TOO many phones calls asking for you to dress slutty so he can easily find you and there goes hes shiny pandora sliver bracelets on your wrist ,Do not say I didn't worn anyone who travels to south Burlington Vermont or Waterbury/Stowe Vermont .
Stowe, Vermont
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