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I put his rude, abrupt manner down to his poor English but he's actually just a complete time waster; booked me in early hours and didn't turn up, got in touch hours later to say he'd had car trouble so I arranged to meet him another night, this time he said he couldn't find my street, then drove away as I approached his car, which was actually a different car to what he'd said he would be in. Said he hadn't seen me and asked me to walk up to the main road and he'd come back, I stood there 15 minutes, at 4am, while he supposedly drove up and down, saying he couldn't see me, before I went home to bed. Booked me again tonight, I should have know better but as it was late evening this time rather than 4am I decided to give him a chance. He text this afternoon to confirm so I was reassured. He just didn't turn up and hasn't got in touch.